We offer FLY-TECH Workout Class


FLY-TECH workouts come in many forms, but the most popular classes have participants do a combination of dancing, stretching, cardio, and strength training — all while attached to a FLY-TECH cord that is anchored to the ceiling. Moves like squats and push-ups will be easier, but the further from the anchor you go, the more challenging the moves get.
Because the workout essentially combines resistance training and cardio while eliminating stress on your joints, it’s a good bet for a low-intensity, fat-burning workout. If it’s your first time, let your instructor know to get the best workout and avoid getting injured.
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Fly-Tech INTRO

FLY-TECH INTRO designed for everyone especially beginners. You'll focus on how to breath, engage core & transfer weight properly in order to lead to the truth low impact exercise.

Fly-Tech REHAB

FLY-TECH REHAB is a unique class designed for people who want to enjoy the workout despite having problems or pain over the knees or ankles, arms or back.


FLY-TECH The signature class of TechnoFit. With a focus on CHOREOGRAPHY, experience the feeling of gracefully flying in the air with this core-focused, toning, full body workout that improves balance and stability


A new fun way of sport for kids 5 -10 years old and parents. Children and parents will learn different skills in FLY-TECH. Through fun and challenging games, not only develop the physical control and coordination but also Parent-child relationship, a good family FLYING activity


FLY-TECH Fitness is one of the latest fitness trends that are rocking the world these days. The busy, stressful life we live always requires something new, something different, something which can juice up the apathy. Sports basically a great practice to free the body from all the negativity, but we tend to get bored of the routine. In case you are in the same boat, now we list you the best things about the new craze, FLY-TECH.

True to its namesake, students on a FLY-TECH Fitness class are strapped into harnesses and fixed to the ceiling with a FLY-TECH cord. Thanks to this suspension, the magic of this workout form is that some exercises are easier, and some are harder to execute. Accordingly, this makes the whole workout much more fun, though you need to prepare for an absolute tough, sweaty session. While you can fly as lightly just as Peter Pan, FLY-TECH Fitness is actually the combination of resistance training and cardiovascular workout.

  • Muscle building and fat burning

Muscle building and fat burning Since the FLY-TECH cord helps carrying your weight, resistance movements like planks or push-ups are a bit easier to perform. Nevertheless, the fact that you are constantly on the move means that you are doing low-intensity exercises which activates the stored fat of your body and starts burning it, building muscles at the same time.

  • Improve mobility

FLY-TECH Fitness trainings are also great to efficiently enhance your mobility. Owing to the cord that absorbs most of the impact on your joints, you are allowed to carry out movements which require more flexibility. You do not need to worry about tight muscles and joints anymore, because this type of training will be a game changer.

  • Let’s have fun!

Being one of the most unique workouts, FLY-TECH Fitness trainings also offer a huge amount of fun. Flying around the gym while you are attached to the ceiling makes you feel completely weightless and carefree, hence releasing endorphins in your body resulting a happy and joyful attitude.

  • Versatility

You may wonder what kind of exercises can be done while being fixed to the ceiling with a massive, strong cord. Well, more than you think! The concept is a brand new, exciting way of trainings in itself, furthermore, there are endless options to spice up your FLY-TECH Fitness workout. Depending on personal preferences, you can choose to implement resistance or even cardio movements to your routine as well, according to your goals.  Thanks to the versatility, FLY-TECH Fitness is ideal for everyone indeed, regardless of age, fitness level or physical condition.  Read more about our FLY-TECH Fitness Package and join us on the next session.

Guide To FLY-TECH Workout Training guides:

1.     Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts.

2.     Avoid heavy meals before training at least 2 hours ahead.

3.     Pants should be thick & smooth fabric without zippers, buttons or any solid decoration.

4.     The session will be in barefoot. You may wear socks with grips or any support wear if needed.

Rules & regulations:

Before the class, we will require Champions to sign off a health policy.During the class session, Champions are not allowed to record videos or take photos. Champions may take photos after class.Photo/videos may be recorded by our Licensor for marketing purpose.

Where is FLY-TECH?

Hamdan Street, Behind ADIB Bank, same as Grand Outlet and Wendy’s Restaurant Building, Office 304How long is the class?
35 minutes.How many people are there in each FLY-TECH class?
Each class is limited to 5 people. Please book in advance.

What should I wear?

– Participants should wear leggings or yoga pants for FLY-TECH classes as you will wear a pair of neoprene shorts over your own pants. If you don’t have any leggings or yoga pants, athletic shorts also work too.
– T-shirts, Tank tops, etc. are all suitable for FLY-TECH classes.

When are the classes scheduled?

We have classes throughout the week. For our schedule please visit our schedule page.

How do I book a class?
Our online booking or you can also reserve a class by phone (0508001870). We strongly recommend
pre-registering for classes to reserve your spot.

How many calories will I burn?
A class will help burn between 500 and 600 calories – equivalent to one whole hour on the elliptical or treadmill.

Is there a weight limit?
110Kg maximum is our weight limit for our location’s FLY-TECH system.

Is there an age limit?

We welcome anyone from age of 5 to come fly with us.
Parents are required to sign a liability waiver for Champions under the age of 18. This must be done in person.

Can I make a private booking?

Private group booking is welcome. Please give our studio a call +971508001870 or email us


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